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Section 1

General Information


Our Website participaid.com is a forum designed to bring people together and to help them to do good. These terms of service (“Terms of Use”) describes the terms and conditions applicable to the relationship between Participaid GmbH (“Participaid”) and users of our service (“Users”). Unless otherwise stated, the Terms of Use apply to Users who want to create a project and act as Project Manager (“Project Manager”), to Users who participate and help Project Managers on such projects (“Participants”) and Users who wish to support Project Managers and Participants by way of donations (“Supporter”).

Subject matter and acceptance

The purpose of these Terms of Use is to define rights and obligations in connection with the use of services provided by Participaid via www.participaid.com and sub‑domains thereof (“Site”).

Please read the Terms of Use carefully. By using the Site, you accept the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use as amended from time to time and of Participaid’s Privacy Policy, which is also applicable.

Section 2

Access to and use of the Site 

User Account

Services offered on the Site are available only after creating a customer account (“Account”).

a) The User undertakes to provide the information required for creating the Account (“User Information”) truthfully, completely and in comprehensible form. Whenever User     Information changes, the Account must be updated on a timely basis. 

b) The User is solely responsible for the Account created by him and for any use of the Site via such Account. This applies in particular to any form of content, including but   not limited to text, images and photos, videos and sound recordings (together “Content”), posted by the User on the Site. Users may not use another User’s Account without   the consent of the creator of such Account.

c) The Account and/or the access data for the Account may not be transferred to third parties without Participaid’s written consent.

Users may search for specific User Accounts by way of engaging an internal search engine. 

Use of Account

Participaid grants the User the right to use his Account as described in these Terms of Use. This right can be revoked at any time and without stating any reasons. This right of use does not include the right to:

d) copy, distribute and/or publicly display any content from the Site or parts thereof without Participaid’s express permission, 

e) alter and/or modify the Site or any part thereof other than as may be necessary to use the Site for its intended purpose,

f) use the Site in a way impairing the functionality of the Site, particularly by using malware (such as viruses, Trojan horses, worms, Easter eggs) or automated means to           access the Site (such as robots, spiders or scrapers) or to restrict access to the Site, or by deliberately imposing a disproportionately large load on the Site’s infrastructure     which is not required to use the Site for its intended purpose, and 

g) use the Site in a way contravening applicable law.

Rights to Content and Information

The User grants to Participaid a non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide and sub-licensable right to use in connection with the use of the Site all information and Content supplied by the User to Participaid. The right of use also covers future types of use that were as yet unknown at the time these Terms of Use became effective.

Chat Function

Participaid offers a chat function on the Site. Users may communicate with each other on subjects relating to projects. The chat function may not be used for communication on unrelated subjects. Any communication form Content within the meaning of Clause 2.1(b) and is subject to the legality requirements set out in Clause 9.1.


2) The User may use his Account as a Project Manager to initiate a social project. Any information on the project must be clear, fair, reasonable and comprehensive in order to allow other Users to adequately understand and evaluate the project (“Project Information”). In particular, any involvement of a corporate entity must be revealed. If the Project Manager initiates a project on behalf of a corporate entity, he must be adequately authorized to represent the entity.

3) Participaid reserves the right to reject projects without stating any reasons, particularly, but not limited to, where projects do not comply with the respectively applicable laws and / or where the purpose and / or the content of a project would transgress the standards of public decency Participaid will inform the Project Manager in text form (e.g. by email) about the approval or dismissal of the project. Approvals not rendered within the aforementioned four-month period are deemed to be rejected.

4) Participaid will provide for a ranking depicting the currently most successful projects on the Site. The success of a project is determined in consideration of the number of participants or karma points and at Participaid’s own discretion.

5) Latest projects initiated and published on the Site will be accessible through a so-called News Box. Further, Users may search for specific projects by way of engaging an internal search engine.


When accepting to participate in a project published on the Site, you agree to the following:

a) The Participant is fully responsible for reading the complete Project Information, particularly the needs and/or wishes before making a commitment to participate.

b) The Participant enters into a legally binding contract with the Project Manager (or any third party named in the Project Information), not with Participaid, regarding his participation in the project.

f) Participaid does not transfer legal ownership of items between Users.


6) Users may support a project by way of awarding benefits to Users (Participants and/or Project Managers). Benefits may include services and goods the Supporter arranges for. Any such support is governed by the following:

a) The Supporter is fully responsible for providing the support offered on the Site.

b) If necessary, the Supporter enters into a legally binding contract with the Project Manager (or any third party named in the Project Information) and/or Participant, not with      Participaid, regarding his support.

c) Participaid does not transfer legal ownership of items between Users. 

7) The support being offered by the Supporter must not include any actions which do not comply with the respectively applicable laws or which would transgress the standards of public decency  

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